Early Years Curriculum

Learning and Development

Membury Pre-school is a governor run pre-school based in membury Primary School. Children learn through a variety of play opportunities that are matched to their learning and development needs.  The reception class offers more focussed learning opportunties including literacy, numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world and creative arts. The children have access to a large outside space that is used for role-play. It is a very versatile space that can be anything from a fairy tale cottage to a jungle! Children have the opportunity to learn inside and outside the classroom through a wide range of activities and resources. The children are able to move freely between all the spaces where members of staff are able to support them with their specific Learning and Development needs.

The Learning Journey

Each child will have their own individual book called a Learning Journey which is used to track their learning and development across the curriculum. It will include photos and notes explaining the different sorts of activities they do, examples of pictures, mark making and things they create. On a daily basis the adults working with your child will make notes and collect any information that shows specific details of your child’s development. Although the Learning Journeys are kept at school we encourage you to look at them with your child at any time and share in their progress. If you wish to add to the Learning Journeys with photos or information about anything your child does at home it would be much appreciated.


Remembrance Service

11 Nov 2019

Alex and Amelia represented Membury Primary today at the Minster Remembrance service. They were joined by children from other schools to lay crosses and wreaths in memory of all who served for their c...

Bubbles in Robins

28 Jun 2019

Robin class have been learning about bubbles and enjoyed creating their own. Please see attached pictures Bubble Pictures

Viking Shields

15 Feb 2019

Owl Class has had lots of fun making Viking shields. We learned all about Viking Raiders who raided parts of England, and relied upon their shields for protection. We made shields from cardboard, milk...

Year 4 Hooke Court

21 Nov 2018

Our Year 4 children, Mrs Cowan and Mrs Adair have all safely arrived at Hooke Court. They have had chance to settle into their rooms and make their beds before having lunch and beginning the first of...

Forest School Magic

13 Nov 2018

This week has been a very busy week for Owl Class. On Tuesday afternoon Owl Class traveled across to Chardstock for the fortnightly forest school lesson. This week we looked at the colours all around...

Tag Rugby Tournament

12 Nov 2018

What a day! Today Year 5 and 6 traveled with Mrs Cowan across to Axminster Primary Academy to compete in a multi-school Tag Rugby tournament. Membury played really well as a team and after a few close...

Marvellous Maths

09 Nov 2018

On Friday 9th November, Mrs Cowan organised a morning full of maths problem solving and investigations. We started the day with some fun games to get our minds working, before applying the skills that...

Mini Marines Year 6

17 Oct 2018

This week St Mary’s Primary School, Thorncombe hosted over 80 children from across the Acorn MAT, as children from Loders, Marshwood, Mrs Ethelston’s, Axminster, Membury and Chardstock joi...

Year 6 Dictionary Presentation

26 Sep 2018

We were very grateful of Axminster Rotary Club's donation of dictionaries to every Year 6 child. Our Year 6 children were really enthused to be using such bright, user friendly dictionaries. The Rotar...

Mini Marines

13 Jul 2018

Our Y5 and Y6 children spent the day at Chardstock St Andrews on Tuesday completing fitness and team building activities with Royal Marines Commandos.