Early Years Curriculum

Learning and Development

Membury Pre-school is a governor run pre-school based in membury Primary School. Children learn through a variety of play opportunities that are matched to their learning and development needs.  The reception class offers more focussed learning opportunties including literacy, numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world and creative arts. The children have access to a large outside space that is used for role-play. It is a very versatile space that can be anything from a fairy tale cottage to a jungle! Children have the opportunity to learn inside and outside the classroom through a wide range of activities and resources. The children are able to move freely between all the spaces where members of staff are able to support them with their specific Learning and Development needs.

The Learning Journey

Each child will have their own individual book called a Learning Journey which is used to track their learning and development across the curriculum. It will include photos and notes explaining the different sorts of activities they do, examples of pictures, mark making and things they create. On a daily basis the adults working with your child will make notes and collect any information that shows specific details of your child’s development. Although the Learning Journeys are kept at school we encourage you to look at them with your child at any time and share in their progress. If you wish to add to the Learning Journeys with photos or information about anything your child does at home it would be much appreciated.


Plastic Pollution

26 Nov 2020

Within our mission to become a plastic free school with surfers against sewage we have been creating posters today to raise awareness about the impact that plastic pollution has on our planet. Follow...

The Floor is Lava

25 Nov 2020

You wouldn't believe what happened at lunchtime today...The floor became lave! Luckily, the Membury children had some resourses to get them through. Great teamwork!


23 Nov 2020

The children love our weekly run around the village and you wouldn't believe the improvements we're seeing in their endurance and speed.

Children in Need

13 Nov 2020

Today we took part in the Chilren in Need fundraiser. We started the day making our Pudsey ears and some of us kept them on all day.

Firework Art

11 Nov 2020

In English this week Robin class have been learning about fireworks. We discussed what 'Bonfire night' meant and we watched a firework display on the whiteboard. We had fun creating our own firework d...

Remembrance Service

11 Nov 2020

Today we held a Remembrance service together.


10 Nov 2020

Owl class are preparing to create their own mosaic. Their inspriration comes from the Romans.

Food Bank

04 Nov 2020

At Membury we like to be thinking of others and showing our local community that we care. This week we took some time to learn about our local food bank and the impact that it can have on the lives of...

Weaving Willow

04 Nov 2020

Today in forset school we were learning to weave with willow. We now have a willow wreath each, ready to decorate with poppies for Remembrance Day.

Bushcraft Survival

21 Oct 2020

Forest School got serious today with bushcraft survival skills: denbuilding, fire lighting and of course toasting marshmallows.